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Feedback so far includes:

"This program was easy to use, and it helped me achieve my goals. The engaging activities and group discussions activate the learning process. My students had fun exploring the world of finance, were presented with real-life situations and were inspired to take action at home."

- Marianne Macario, Teacher, Handsworth Secondary

"Learning about money management is easy when you are having fun."

- Student comment

"I learned that I will have to adjust my spending habits when I go to university because I will have a lot of new expenses."

- Student comment

"I enjoyed the games because they had important messages and I learned new things."

- Student comment

Vancity and PowerPlay would like to express their appreciation to the following group of educators for their participation in the testing and pilot stages of this project:

Marianne Macario - Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver
Mark Pattern - North Surrey Secondary, Surrey
Corey Grant - L.A. Matheson Secondary, Surrey
Jay Prepchuk - Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver
Laurie Martin - Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver
Tracy Dixon - Argyle Secondary, North Vancouver
Troy Burtt - Balmoral Jr. Secondary, North Vancouver
Martin Runge - Quesnel Secondary, Quesnel