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Different teachers have different teaching styles, interests and experience with financial planning, so PowerPlay Money Managers™ has been designed to address all these issues. Each lesson can be completed in 40-minute to 1-hour time slots, and requires only a minimal amount of teacher preparation as Teaching Notes, Teaching Aids, Overheads, and Activity Sheets are all provided.

This resource package offers flexibility in that the lesson plans can be used independently or consecutively for added impact. The first four lessons, however, must be completed before the fifth lesson can be offered, as they serve as a foundation for a planning activity in Lesson 5. You can download the lesson plans individually or all together below.


The introduction gives an overview of how the program aligns with the curriculum, as well as learning outcomes, time requirements, and parental expectations.

Lesson 1 - Managing Your Money

This interactive lesson plan helps students become more aware of living expenses and differentiate between their needs and wants. Students are also introduced to the concept of investing in the future by "paying yourself first" and discover the value of taking action while they are young.

Lesson 2 - My First Car

A dynamic activity engages students in evaluating the cars that they would like to be driving at age 18. They then explore different types of expenses associated with owning a vehicle, discover how car loans work and learn to set realistic transportation goals for after high school.

Lesson 3 - Making Money Grow

Students evaluate different savings and investment options and have fun playing an action-packed coin toss game. This experiential learning activity helps students make their own conclusions about investment risk, the value of investing from an early age and the importance of getting advice from a qualified financial advisor.

Lesson 4 - The Credit Game

This lesson plan helps students realize that the choices they make today can have serious implications for their futures. Students explore how credit cards work, and are introduced to simple steps for building a good credit rating and some of the consequences of poor financial decisions.

Lesson 5 - Planning: Putting it all Together

Students apply the material from the first four lesson plans in this comprehensive planning activity. Over a period of several classes, students complete group research, present their findings and then develop their own individual budgets and financial plans for life after high school. Students also play a game to evaluate the financial risk associated with real-life scenarios.

Complete Program

Download the introduction and all five lessons at once.


Download a glossary for terminology used in all five lessons.


Download the cover for the program.

Overheads (PDF Format)

Download a PDF file containing all overheads for Lesson Plans 1-5.

Overheads (PowerPoint Format)

Download overheads for all lessons in a convenient PowerPoint format.

Activity Sheets

Download activity sheets for Lesson Plans 1-5.